Working with scientific aptitude and Social service under Ayush, NMPB and other related Departments to bring awareness among rural people.

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It trains rural women, young girls and boys in using scientific methods in agriculture, horticulture and bio-environment aspect. Its training includes arecheological studies.

The social evolution catered to meet people greed in the context “TAXASHILA SAMAJIKA HAGU MAHILA ABHIVRADDI SANASTHE” “TSHMAS” was established in the year 2009. The name of the organization is coined in Kannada which is the official language of Karnataka. In English it connotes “TAXASHILA SOCIAL & WOMEN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION”. This organization's mandates is to elevate morally the vulnerable lot of the society at large. It aims to be an easily approachable organisation. It is involved in addressing environmental issues and working with scientific knowledge and upgrade the communities of rural and backward areas. It serves beneficiaries under various schemes of government bodies and also corporate offices. The organization situated at the centre Bagalkot district consists of six blocks Badami, Bagalkot, Bilagi, Hungund, Jamakhandi and Mudhol.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision

Our Activities

Preparation of People’s Bio-Diversity Register (PBR)


The main basic objectives are to survey and study the entire area falls under biodiversity zones. The collection of data regarding plants, agricultural cropping and old age methodologies adopted, traditional medicinal practioners utilizes local plants and pulses for diseases, Physiographical conditions and people habitat, and much other relative information. The biodiversity resources trade practices have to be recorded under the guidelines of National Biodiversity Authority. While project the awareness and skill development for the BMCs and local people is needs for the detail and excellent register performance. This project is held in 3 Districts(Bagalkot, Gadag, Haveri).

National AYUSH mission on YOGA Training for School Teachers.


To protect health of children and care to avoid disease through training given to them on yogasana, pranayama, meditation and activities to bring change in logical life style. Training physical education teachers to inspire and implement Yoga’s thoughts and practices in the schools. The regular inspection by the Taluka level medical officer and reported to District level AYUSH officer regarding yoga education implementation at school level. Personality development through yoga is essential for change in life style. Awareness program of yoga and ayush practices for health and environment. The program conducted for entire bagalkot district school teachers to implement yoga in schools along with physical education as a part is helped to many civilians. Most of the teachers are interested in yoga and ayush medicines for community development. This helps to lead the life peacefully and disciplined way. They learnt different postures and importance for different body alignments and health. Y

Free Ayush Health Checkup and Therapeutics Camp


Good medical checkup and treatment for the all age groups with minimal low price. Providing free medicines to all, irrespective of age group. Advising the patients to attend the next local checkup camp or nearest ayush hospital. To know the patients by using ayush medicines, there are no side effects or reactions. To inform regarding the availability of local plant resources to be used as food materials to control the diseases through practical demonstrations. To give awareness about cleanliness and clearness along with treatment. Should be made to understand the importance of healthy living on lecturing by experienced doctors. For making public self dependant to keep good health by using local medicinal plant and home medicines. Regarding disease preventive, curative and promotive health care through health education and advertisement. Inform about importance of panchakarma, salt formula, regiminal therapy. Creating awareness AYUSH methodologies and its various divisions of special th

Ayush Seminars and Workshops


In this program awareness has been given to peoples of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes regarding functioning and Successiveness of the ayush department. The resource persons explained clearly the manufacturing and utilization of ayurvedic medicines along with practical demonstrations and application. Some participants expressed their happiness on complete information helped them to use and preparation of ayush medicines. The new research work done in this field also concluded by resource persons to help local or traditional medicine practitioners.


Board Members

Sri.Mutturaj. Bhimanna. Karadi.

Founder and President

Sri. Somashekarayya. Ghanalingayya. Hiremath.

the Vice-President

Sri. Maheshkumar. Vishwanathswami. Navalihiremath

Founder and Secretary

Sri. Narayana. Sheshappa. Panchagavi.


Sri. Devanna Mudakappa. Attalatti.


Team Members

Rashmi B Hiremath (Principal Investigator)

Riyaz. M. Malagavi (Project Coordinators)

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Branch: ILKAL

IFSC Code: KVGB00001308

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